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Hunting & Fishing


When you come to Lilikoi Tiny Lake House, you will become one with wildlife. There are numerous species that you will see and will really enjoy. Some of the wildlife we have seen at the resort are deer, turkeys, grouse, herons, cranes, raccoons, squirrels, owls, turtles, frogs and more! We have five different ponds you can hike to and enjoy. Come and relax!


We have some of the best fishing lakes in the area very close to Lilikoi Tiny Lake House. Most of these are just a few minutes drive from here. So whether you want to fish for some Bluegills from the boat in Summer or drill a hole in the ice in Winter; you can get it all just minutes from us


When it comes to Wisconsin hunting, nothing is better than Turkey and White Tail Deer. In Spring, the turkey hunting in the areas surrounding Lilikoi are amazing. When fall comes around, bow and gun hunting opportunities are amazing for both white tailed deer and turkey. Book your trip now and experience hunting in the central part of the state.

If you’d like to hunt while staying at Lilikoi Tiny Lake House, contact Daryl for availability at 262-853-1550. Limited hunts permitted each year.